33108 Update May/June 2022

A Busy month which has moved things forward significantly. Those who attended the Severn Valley Diesel Gala may have seem 33108 up on the jacks with its bogies removed. The following week we successfully changed 2 traction motors and cleaned up both bogies before reassembling the locomotive back to ground level!

The Scaffold is now back in place to allow the completion of the high level painting, leaving just the remaining bodyside painting and cab refit to go.

Flying high!
The 2 old removed traction motors
new motor in position
scaffold back in place for roof painting

33111 Update May 2022

33111 recently had a B exam and has had some patching of the worst bits of the bodywork done by the lads at Swanage so many thanks to them. The loco has subsequently worked faultlessly at the diesel gala last weekend and even had a rare opportunity to work in multi using the high level 27 way jumpers! It is however clear that 33111 will soon need some major bodywork attention along with a list of other jobs. We’ll be looking to tackle these once 33108 is back in traffic.

33108 re-wiring 20/3/22

Some behind the cubicle doors’ pictures of 33108. We spent five days this week starting some wiring renewal in the control cubicle. The main focus being on renewing wiring to the Engine Control Switch. Most of the control wiring in 33108’s cubicle is very old and starting to perish so will eventually be replaced completely. Investigations showed some damage to the switch which will need replacement. Pictures before and after showing the switch wiring (if you’re wondering why the new wires are too long, it’s so that when we get the new switch we can cater for different termination arrangements). Also a couple of pictures of terminal blocks with a few new wires attached. As the existing wiring is in taped looms we have cut back and electrically protected all the wires that we have replaced so far. Once all the wiring in the cubicle looms has been replaced we will be able to take them out completely.