History of 33111 (D6528)

111 teak

Built:                 BRC&W Works, Smethwick.
Introduced to Traffic: 29th October 1960
BRC&W Works Number:    DEL 120.
TOPS Renumbering:      23rd March 1974.

Depot Allocations:     

HG: 29/10/60.
EH:  12/64.
Withdrawn: 24/06/91.

Modifications/Restrictions -               Push-Pull Equipped at ZG: 03/11/67
(The last converted standard 33/1).


BR Green
BR Blue
BR Blue (P)

Livery Notes: White Cat applied: 07/85.


11/05/87 - Parcels
28/05/87 – RXXX.
18/01/88 – RXXA.
05/11/88 – RXLC.
03/12/88 – DWCQ
22/01/89 – DMEA.
19/02/89 – DCSA.
13/05/90 – DCWA.
17/03/91 - DXXD

Works Attention:

Intermediate Overhaul at ZG: 15/03/84.
Main Generator Change at ZG: 07/85.
Power Unit Change (ex 33054) at ZG: 03/86.
Main Generator Change at ZG: 01/88.

Final BR Passenger Working:

07/12/90: 1C40 13.35 Paddington-Penzance, from Castle Cary-Exeter St Davids following failure of a Class 47.

Withdrawn from Service:

Out of Service at 13.00 at EH on 17/03/91.
Condemned at 09.00 at EH on 24/06/91.
Switched off with no defects.


The locomotive was stored at Eastleigh Depot donating turbocharger to 33048 at Stewarts Lane. It was then towed into Eastleigh Yard on 10th February 1992 and to the top of East Yard in March 1992.

The locomotive was put out to tender in March 1992 and sold for preservation to the Class 33/1 Preservation Group. Initial restoration and cosmetic painting took place in Eastleigh Yard including the application of D6528 numbers on the bodysides in January 1993. The locomotive was towed to St Leonards by 33012 on 19th February 1993 on 5Z33 09.45 Eastleigh-St Leonards, following a successful ultrasonic axle test at Eastleigh Depot. Restoration commenced at St Leonards but in July 2001, the locomotive donated its power unit to 33108. The locomotive then moved from St Leonards by road on 30th January 2002, arriving at its new home at Barrow Hill on 31st January 2002. Repainted in BR Blue in September 2003. The power unit was started for the first time in preservation on 15th November 2003. It then moved under own power for the first time in preservation on 27th June 2004 operating a successful test run at Barrow Hill to Springwell sidings.

The Locomotive was moved by road on the 5th June 2008 to Allelys yard, and then on to the Swanage Railway, arriving on the 9th June 2008. Its first passenger working was the 18.10 Swanage-Norden on the 13th June 2008.