History of 33108 (D6521)

Built:                 BRC&W Works, Smethwick.
Introduced to Traffic: 10th September 1960.
BRC&W Works Number:    DEL 113.
TOPS Renumbering:      1st January 1974.
Named:                 “VAMPIRE” at Fragonset, Derby
                       17th May 2002 to 25th April 2005     
Depot Allocations:     HG:  10/09/60.
                       EH:  07/63.
                       HQ:  16/05/93.
                Withdrawn:  24/05/93.
               Reinstated:  08/11/00.
                       TM:  08/11/00.
                       DF:  21/05/01.
                       HQ:  25/06/10.

Modifications / Restrictions:   

Push-Pull Equipped at ZG: 18/11/66.
ETH Isolated: 01/01/91 to 08/11/00.
Headlight Fitted: EH 06/92 to 04/97, and from 11/00.

BR Green.
BR Blue. (First blue 33 from 11/66)
BR Blue with white cab window surrounds.
BR Blue.
Departmental Grey.
Departmental Dutch Yellow / Grey.
BR Blue. (P)
Fragonset Black. (P)
BR Blue. (P)
BR Blue with white cab window surrounds. (P)

Livery Notes:      
EH White Horse applied: 04/87 to 05/87.
Locomotive received unofficial name “Corina” at Eastleigh Depot from 02/89 to 04/89 (one side).
White Lamp Brackets: 02/88.

Sectors:      11/05/87 – Departmental.
              28/05/87 – DXXX.
              18/01/88 – DXXA.
              16/05/88 – RXXA.
              16/09/88 – DCSA.
              05/11/88 – RXLC.
              01/10/89 – DCSA.
              30/01/90 – DCWA.
              19/02/90 – DCSA.
              05/04/92 – NKJE.
              16/05/93 – NXJX.
              20/03/94 – ENZX.
              10/09/98 – WHZX.
              08/11/00 – SDFR.
              25/06/10 – MBDL.

Works Attention:

Intermediate Overhaul at ZG: 05/82
Intermediate Overhaul at ZG: 15/10/85
Main Generator Repairs at ZG: 11/91.
Power Unit Change (ex 33111) at DF: 07/01.

Final BR Passenger Working:

01/05/93: IL05 10.15 Waterloo-Salisbury, from Basingstoke.

Withdrawn from Service: 
Out of service at 22.00 at EH on 17/05/93.
Condemned at 09.00 at EH on 24/05/93.
Switched off with no defects.


Locomotive utilised as Depot Shunter at Eastleigh and not stripped for spares. Locomotive placed on first EWS tender list in September 1996 and sold for Preservation to the Class 33/1 Preservation Group in January 1997. Moved by rail from Eastleigh on 25th April 1997 to Crewe Electric International Depot, arriving on 28th April 1997, and repainted in BR Blue and had headlight removed prior to display at the depot open day on 3rd May 1997.

Moved to The Railway Age, Crewe in late summer 1997 where restoration to running order continued. Locomotive was then hired to Fragonset Railways for a 5 year period. Locomotive moved to Tyseley via Bletchley, departing Crewe on 4th August 1999 and arriving at Tyseley on 7th August 1999, for further restoration and then moved to Fragonset, Derby on 10th November 2000. Mainline certification by RESCO was achieved on the 8th November 2000. Locomotive repainted in Fragonset black livery during January 2001.

Locomotive worked 2V42 10.28 Crewe-Cardiff additional on 3rd February 2001 but failed at Hereford with a cracked hydrostatic pump. Locomotive received the overhauled power unit from fellow preserved 33111 in July 2001 and re-entered service in August 2001. Following expiry of the 5 year hire period the locomotive was repainted at FM Rail, Derby into BR Blue during early 2005 and moved by road on 9th May 2005 to the Swanage Railway, arriving at Norden on 10th May 2005. Locomotive was badly damaged in a low speed collision at Swanage on 16th November 2006, sustaining damage to Cab no. 2 end bufferbeam area and cab front. Locomotive departed from Norden by road on 21st June 2007 for Insurance funded contract repairs by Nemesis Rail at Barrow Hill Depot, Chesterfield where it arrived on 25th June 2007. Since then, further repairs have been undertaken including a full power unit overhaul and the locomotive was started on 20th March 2010 and undertook test runs on 21st March 2010. 

The locomotive visited the East Lancashire Railway Diesel Gala, arriving by rail on 29th June 2010 and returning on 12th July 2010. 

The locomotive visited the Nene Valley Diesel Gala, arriving by rail on 22nd September 2010 and returning on 6th October 2010.

The locomotive visited the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Diesel Gala, arriving by rail on 0Z31 17.06 Barrow Hill-Grosmont (with 31128, 37275, and 47798) on 20th September 2012 and returning as 0Z52 07:55 Grosmont-Barrow Hill (with 55022, 47798 and 37275) on 18th September 2012

The locomotive visited the Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, arriving by rail on 0Z74 07.00 Barrow Hill-Lydney Junction (with 37521 and 55019) on 2nd May 2013 hauled by 55009, where it recessed. On the 3rd May 2013, with 31466 added to the convoy, it ran as 0Z75 09.45 Lydney Junction-Swanage.

The locomotive visited the Didcot Railway Centre Diesel Gala, arriving by rail on 0Z55 09.21 Swanage-Didcot (with 31466, 37521 and 55019) on 21st May 2013 hauled by 55009. On the 29th May 2013, it ran as 0Z37 07.58 Didcot-Lydney Junction and then, after detaching 31466 from the convoy, continued as 0Z38 13.25 Lydney Junction-Barrow Hill.

The locomotive visited the North Norfolk Railway Diesel Gala, arriving by rail on 0Z20 09.04 Barrow Hill-Sheringham (with 45133 and 56301) on 13th June 2013, hauled by 31190 and 56311 and returning as 0Z20 13.00 Sheringham Barrow Hill (with 45133 to Butterley, then 40012 from Butterley) on 17th June 2013., hauled by 31190 and 56311.

The locomotive visited the Nene Valley Railway Diesel Gala, arriving by rail on 0Z56 09.30 Washwood Heath-Butterley, then 0X56 15.02 Butterley-Fletton (with 20001, 45133 and 47401) on 3rd October 2013, hauled by 56301 and returning as 0X56 13.03 Fletton-Butterley (with 45133, 47401 and 50026) on 7th October 2013, hauled by 56301.