“Bagpipe Blog”

33108 New Metal!

A few pictures of the continuing work to rebuild the heavily corroded cab on 33108 with new metal frames taking shape.

33108 Work Continues

A productive couple of days in Kidderminster Diesel Depot saw the cab roof craned off and work commenced on stripping out old metal work. The welder can now progress with the major cab refurbishment replacing all the very corroded existing structural pillars and panelling Meanwhile underneath the locomotive some less than co-operative traction motor cables … Continue reading 33108 Work Continues

33108 Dismantling

A few pictures from the last few working parties. 33108 is now in the Kidderminster Diesel Depot with the cab being dismantled to allow the welder to start work. You’ll see the usual expected levels of BRCW rust & corrosion!


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